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17 thoughts on “35mm in 126”

  1. Thanks for the great tips! I finally have my 126 set up and ready to shoot. The biggest problem I had was getting the film advance/shutter lock to work. The holes in 35mm are too small the trip the lever that unlocks the shutter after advancing the film. So, I ended up removing that whole assembly, and now it is more Holga-like in that the shutter and film advance are independent of each other, and I can do multiple exposures!

    1. I ended up having some problems with the little lever tripping and sometimes damaging the sprocket holes on the film, so in the end I just trimmed it back so it never comes in contact with the film at all. I had read somewhere on how to remove the assembly completely and might still do that so I can do double exposures.

      Thanks for the info, and thanks for visiting!

    1. Hi Michael, Thanks for visiting my Blog. Thanks for linking to my page from your Blog, much appreciated. What you’ve done is great, and a lot more than most people would do :)

      Thanks heaps, and enjoy your camera!

  2. Nice job !
    I like the reversibility of this modification.

    If you need to find pictures of a 126 cartridge where you can see the film side have a look to this from my stream





    are all from my stream and you can use for your blog if you need. Just drop me an email.

  3. This is kinda Geeky, but even still the Cool Factor is 5 Stars! By the
    way I like the look of the sprocket holes on the film, it adds a lot.
    love your blog, the Instamatic brings back memories.. seems everyone in my family had one, I had a 224.
    I wish you’d post some photos of the various Instamatic models, they were (and are) so cool.

    Digital SLR Lenses

  4. Hei, great post!!!

    I have found my parent’s old instamatic camera a couple of weeks. I want to find some 126 film but I have seen it’s no possible nowadays.

    You know, that instamatic cam, bring me back some memories and i would like to shoot it.

    Thank you very much for share it.

  5. This is a great post/tutorial. I have finally found a cartridge off ebay though I did have to buy yet another 126 which brings me to 4 now. LOL Anyhow I have my cartridge all loaded and ready with the mods so I can get those great sprockets. So excited to see what comes of it. But I wonder how much will the frames overlap and also do you know how I could modify it like Mark said so I can do double exposure and control how much it advances? Thanks for any help!!

  6. hello, I just bought the Minolta Autopak 400-x, also a 126 film camera, but didn’t realize that I needed a cartridge. Is there any way that I could make a makeshift cartridge or spool? If not, where do you think I could get a cartridge, other than the internet? I’m absolutely desperate for one!

    1. Hi! I recently picked up one of these as well, very cool little camera.

      Unfortunately, it’s getting hard to find 126 cartridges. I was lucky enough to get mine in the camer I bought. There are a couple of places online that you can buy 126 film still, http://www.frugalphotographer.com/cat126.htm is one of them. Other than that, I can only recommend looking for more 126 cameras, and possibly finding one with a cartridge already in it.

  7. Hi i have just purchased a 126 Instamatic but after watching your video realized that the cartridge box, mechanism inside was missing- should i take it back and get a refund (Which i don’t really want to do) or will it work with out it or could i possibly create a make shift one, or do you know where i could buy one?? :)

  8. I might be getting a Rolleiflex SL26javascript:grin(‘:razz:’) and your video
    gave me hope :) One suggestion: you could save the
    original 35mm canister – leaving about .5-.75 inch of film so you can tape the newly shot film to that remaining film strip and roll it back into the canioster – and then take it to anyone who will process it – you will probably loose a frame or so!
    Wish me luck :)javascript:grin(‘:smile:’)

  9. Jason – Thanks for the tip on holding down the shutter trlease while winding! I was looking at the ways people surgered their Instamatic 100′s and now I won’t have to.

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